What They Say

“Not only has Shelter Mortgage improved our ability to fully service our customers, they have also enhanced our bottom line! Shelter Mortgage has played a major role in enhancing overall customer satisfaction as well as adding to the profitability of our company.”
– Builder Partner, Florida
“Bottom-line value is what my partnership means to me. My agents are kept informed and deals are closed on time, even the tough ones.”
– Realtor Partner, South Carolina
“Shelter Mortgage has created an advantage for our Partners, an HVCC compliant internal appraisal desk that affords us the ability to use local appraisers and by-pass the National companies. This provides improved service levels as well as local knowledge in our subject markets.”
– Branch Manager, South Carolina

In a recent peer group study, Shelter Mortgage scored high amongst its competitors.

#1 in Profitability
Bringing profitability to our partners is one of Shelter Mortgages’ top priorities.

#1 in Revenue per Loan
Our experience in pricing and selling loans leads to greater income per loan.

#1 in Lowest Corporate and Product Support Allocation
We support our partners with superior service while being efficient. While we pass on the actual costs of operations, we do not pass on any unnecessary costs.

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    We are proud to say that for 30 years, our company has been in the mortgage partnership business. Our belief is that if we focus on aligning ourselves with companies who share our values, then our partnerships will outperform the industry. This approach has allowed us to concentrate on what we do best- delivering great products and the best possible experience for our customers. We feel that a partnership agreement is really a performance agreement. As such, we don’t take our relationships for granted; we must earn your business everyday.

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