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We have a dedicated training team who come with years of experience in mortgage banking, originations and technology, which enables us to deliver quality training through multiple channels: face-to-face at your office or ours, webinars and conference calls.

Loan products and programs are the key to success. Loan officers receive an overview of all product offerings. After product selection, pricing and locks are essential to committing the best product and rate to meet the customer’s needs. A detailed review of our pricing and locking procedures is offered.

A Loan Origination/Point of Sale System (LOS/POS) is essential to the success of each loan officer. We provide hands on training to familiarize loan officers with multiple workflows to meet their business needs. We discuss alternative ways to conduct business using our technology and suggest a workflow to meet their needs.

After the loan officer returns to the field, Shelter Mortgage offers a commitment of support for industry changes, technology questions or refresher training. Answers are a phone call away!

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    We are proud to say that for 30 years, our company has been in the mortgage partnership business. Our belief is that if we focus on aligning ourselves with companies who share our values, then our partnerships will outperform the industry. This approach has allowed us to concentrate on what we do best- delivering great products and the best possible experience for our customers. We feel that a partnership agreement is really a performance agreement. As such, we don’t take our relationships for granted; we must earn your business everyday.

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