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Marketing Services Agreement

Affiliated Business Arrangement

The Affiliated Business Arrangement can be either a Fully Capitalized Joint Venture or a Series Joint Venture. We believe an Affiliated Business Arrangement is often the most effective structure and can tailor a business model to meet a Partner’s individual needs. In doing so, a Partner can leverage the strength and size of the partnership with the history and stability of Shelter Mortgage’s business models.

The Partner receives a personalized Proforma detailing income, expenses and most importantly, projected net profits.

  • About Us

    We are proud to say that for 30 years, our company has been in the mortgage partnership business. Our belief is that if we focus on aligning ourselves with companies who share our values, then our partnerships will outperform the industry. This approach has allowed us to concentrate on what we do best- delivering great products and the best possible experience for our customers. We feel that a partnership agreement is really a performance agreement. As such, we don’t take our relationships for granted; we must earn your business everyday.

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