Human Resources

Our Employee Support

Shelter Mortgage recognizes the importance of Human Resource support. We have an internal department of Human Resources professionals to assist employees and managers with on-boarding and ongoing assistance.

First contact for employee questions regarding:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Policy Interpretation
  • Miscellaneous Employment Questions

The Human Resources team’s goal is to support the goals of the organization and deliver quality service to our employees. They strategically collaborate with leaders to execute on their initiatives while keeping our human capital at the forefront of decisions.

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    We are proud to say that for 30 years, our company has been in the mortgage partnership business. Our belief is that if we focus on aligning ourselves with companies who share our values, then our partnerships will outperform the industry. This approach has allowed us to concentrate on what we do best- delivering great products and the best possible experience for our customers. We feel that a partnership agreement is really a performance agreement. As such, we don’t take our relationships for granted; we must earn your business everyday.

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